Slack Notifications for Tasks created in Regal

This guide describes how to set up Slack notifications when new Regal tasks are created. Slack notifications will come into a single slack channel, not individual agent channels.

Regal Task Notifications for Slack

Step 1: Log in to slack on desktop web.

  • Go to to login into your company's workspace on web.
  • When prompted to open slack in desktop, click Cancel.
  • On the webpage you should click on use Slack in your browser

Step 2: Create a public channel within the workspace to receive your notifications.

  • You can call it for example: "regal-voice-notifications"
  • It will automatically be public (so don't click the private toggle)
  • Then it will ask you to decide from your team who you want to invite to the channel
457457 567567

Step 3: After you have created the new channel, we need the channel ID. in your browser version of Slack click on the new channel. Then copy the URL from your browser (it contains the channel ID). Send it to [email protected]

It will look something like this example:


Step 4: Create the new Slack App. In a new tab, go to this link: to create a slack app within your workspace (will automatically log in the workspace the user is logged on in web)

  • Name the app: "Regal"
  • Select the Development Slack Workspace for your company
  • Click Create App
  • Scroll down the page to where it says "Display Information"
  • Add this in the short description: Notifications from Regal
  • Upload this image (you'll need to copy paste the link into a new browser tab, then drag the image to your desktop first, since you can only upload images from your computer: h
  • And change the background color to this: #4F298E
  • Click Save Changes

It should look something like this:


Step 5: Set up OAuth & Permissions

  • Scroll up and in the left nav bar click OAuth & Permissions
  • Scroll down a bit to where it says "Scopes"
  • Under "Bot Token Scopes", click Add an OAuth Scope
  • copy and paste this: chat:write.public into the dropdown, and then select it and click Add Scopes when prompted
  • Note: That allows us send messages to channels the app isn't a member of. It will also automatically add: chat:write
  • click Add an OAuth Scope again
  • copy and paste this: incoming-webhook into the dropdown, and then select it
    Note: This allows us to post messages to specific channels in Slack

After, it should look like this:


Step 6: Install app

  • Scroll up and click Install to Workspace
  • It will then ask you Where should it post? Select the channel you created earlier ("regal-voice-notifications")
  • Select the channel you created earlier and click Allow

Step 7: It will then show you your token. Click Copy and paste the "xoxb-" token into the email to [email protected]

It will look something like this:


Step 8: Send an email like the following to [email protected], but make sure you include your channel URL and Token, not the example ones below ;-) . Then send!

To: [email protected]
Subject: I want to set up Slack notifications from Regal
Channel URL:
Token: xoxb-1182460200355-1660292776614-YHz6qEKTvZPA8jFa2qjybST3

We will then update your account on our side, and you should be ready to start receiving slack notifications once we reply back.

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