Google SSO

Enable your agents to login to Regal through Google SSO

This guide describes how to set up Google SSO for the Regal app, and what the login experience will be for your agents.

You must have a Google org to use this feature.

Set up Google SSO

An Admin is required to turn on Google SSO.

Step 1: In the Regal app, visit Settings (Gear Icon) > General Settings, and scroll down to the section for Login with Google.


Google SSO instead of a password

Once Google SSO is enabled for your Regal account, all users of your organization will only be allowed to Login with Google. They will not be able to login with a password.


Google SSO does not work with Aliases

In order to enable your agents to login with Google, they must login with their actual Google emails, not email Aliases.

Step 2: Add the name of the email domains you expect agents to login with. And toggle on "Enable Login with Google." When you do this, ask agents to log out, refresh the app, then log back in using the Sign In with Google button.


Login with Google

Once Google SSO has been enabled, when users from your organization visit, they will see the below screen.


Enter Email at

They will then be presented with a Sign in with Google button.


Sign in with Google

Next, they'll be prompted to choose the account to login with. They should choose their work email.


And they will be logged into the app.


If you or your agents have any issues logging in after enabling Google SSO, email [email protected].