Send users and events to Marketo with Regal.

This guide walks through how to Trigger an Email campaign in Marketo by using Regal Journey Webhoks and Marketo Static Lists.


Marketo Admin Account Required

The following steps require admin privileges in your Marketo instance.

Sending Data from Regal to Marketo

While Regal does not have a way to pass through all user and event data automatically to Marketo, you can set up Journey Webhooks that are triggered when new phone contacts are created, important profile fields are updated or important events occur, and send that data to Marketo through campaign webhooks.

Create New Marketo API User Role

Step 1: Login to your Marketo instance and go to the Admin menu, then to Users and Roles.

Step 2: Click on the Roles tab, and then New Role and assign at least the “Read-Write Lead” permission to the role in the Access API group. Be sure to give it a descriptive name and click on Create.

Step 3: Now back to the Users tab and click on Invite New User. Give your user a descriptive name that indicates that it is an API user, as well as an Email Address, and click on Next.

Step 4: Then, check the API Only option and award your user the API role that you just created and click on Next.

Step 5: To complete the user creation process, click on Send.

Step 6: Next, go to the Admin menu, then to LaunchPoint.

Step 7: Click on the New menu and select New Service. Give your service a descriptive name and select Custom from the Service dropdown menu. Give it a description, then select your new user from the API Only User dropdown menu and click on Create.

Step 8:Click on View Details for your new service to access the Client ID and Client Secret. For now you can click the Get Token button to generate an access token which will be valid for one hour. Save the token in a note for now.

Step 9:Next, go to the Admin menu, then to Web Services.

Step 10:Find the Endpoint in the REST API box and save in a note for now.

Create New Marketo Static List (Optional)

Step 2: Go to Database.

Step 3: Click the New drop-down and select New List.

Step 4: Choose a destination folder, give your new list a name, then click Create.

Step 5: Open the list you just created and copy the list ID at the end of the Url for use in Regal (e.g. ST1188A1)

Adding Contacts to Marketo List in Regal Journey

Create a Smart Campaign that is triggered when a contact is added to an existing or new static list in Regal

Below is a recommended Regal journey which adds contacts to a Static List in Marketo in order to enroll them into an email campaign. The logic for the trigger of your journey may differ depending on what constitutes a relevant event for your company to send to Marketo.

Step 1: Log into Regal as an Admin

Step 2: Navigate to journeys tab

Step 3: Click “Create new journey”

Step 4: Create trigger, which can be whatever Regal or custom event you’d like to use to Trigger contact into this journey. In this example, we’ll use a Regal event called call.completed and we’ll filter for when the disposition is “No Answer > Send Follow Up Email”

Step 5: Configure Journey Webhook 1 - This journey webhook is only needed if the contact does not currently have the Marketo User Id present on their contact in Regal. This webhook will send the email of the contact in Regal and Marketo will return the Marketo User Id to then be used in a later journey webhook to trigger the Smart Campaign.

  • Name of Webhook: GET Marketo User Id

  • Method: GET

  • Endpoint URL: <Your Endpoint URL>/rest/v1/leads.json?access_token=<Your Access Token>&filterType=email&filterValues={{}}

  • Example Response:

          "email":"[email protected]",

Step 6: Configure Journey Webhook 2 - This journey webhook will Add user to list in Marketo

  • Name of Webhook: Add User to Marketo List

  • Method: POST

  • Custom Headers:

    • Authorization: Bearer
  • Endpoint URL: <Your Endpoint URL>/rest/v1/lists/{listId}/leads.json?id={{}}

  • Body: {}