What is Regal?

Proactively engage customers in conversation before they buy elsewhere

Regal is a next-gen customer engagement platform that helps B2C brands proactively engage and convert customers in sms and call conversations across the customer lifecycle to drive 25%+ revenue lift.

The Regal app streams in your customer events in real-time, provides a no code campaign builder for you to personalize the customer journey, and an agent interface where your agents can engage in revenue-driving calls and sms conversations with your customers.

Introduction to the Data Model

Regal relies on a powerful data model to track in-product interactions across your application, and empowers you to create personalized journeys that determine who to reach out to when with different campaigns based on a fuller picture of the customer's behavior and intent.

We call this "event-based" streaming (vs. traditional contact centers who utilize "batch and send"), and it enables much more personalized and effective outreach that leads to higher engagement and revenue. And it leads to brands being able to use sales-led growth across the customer lifecycle at the most important moments where there's a revenue opportunity, not just at the top of the funnel.

The event-based model is built on three concepts: Contacts, Events, and Properties.


On the other side of an event is a user β€” the specific individual that completed an interaction with your product. Often times brands collect data about their users before user have provided contact information such as phone number. Because the goal of Regal is to be able to contact a user by phone, until a contact phone is provided, the user is not added to your Audience in the Regal app, however, all of their data is still streamed and stored by Regal.


Phone is the Unique Identifier of a Contact in Regal

The contact phone is the unique identifier of a contact in Regal. If a user updates their phone number in your CRM and you pass that new phone number to Regal, it will create a new contact in Regal.

Contacts are a subset of your users. Once a user provides their phone number, they become a contact and are added to your Audience in the Regal app. And at that point all of the previous user data you'd collected on that user becomes associated with that contact.




An event is a data point that represents an interaction between a contact and your product (or vice versa). Events can be a wide range of interactions. For example: when a customer starts an application on your site or completes a purchase or is approved in your system for a loan - there are details that describe the action the moment it happens.

Regal supports 3 types of events: "Track" events, "Page" events and "Screen" events.

Event TypeWhen to use
TrackA custom event that can be client side (such as a button click) or server side (such as Item Delivered).
PageA pageview
ScreenA screen view in a native app


Properties are attributes that help you define the specifics of an event or a contact.

As the name suggests, an event property describes an event. For example when a user opens a bank account, the event could be Bank Account Created and one event property could be Account Type (e.g., Savings or Checking).

A user or contact property on the other hand provides details about the person. This could be something as simple as First Name or Age, or something more custom, like their Savings Goal or the Primary Sales Agent who owns the customer relationship.


Contact Properties (left)
Event Properties (right)

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