Amazon S3

Regal can publish data directly to an Amazon S3 bucket, so that you can easily pull down the CSV file directly onto your computer or your data engineering team can easily bring the data into your reporting database.

Configure Your Amazon S3 Bucket

  1. Set up a bucket in S3 for Regal to send you data.
  2. Here is the ARN for the role on our side that will write the data to your bucket: arn:aws:iam::564544922628:role/ReportTransferRole
  3. Use Amazon's instructions to provide access to this role to the bucket on your side.
  4. Email [email protected] with the S3 address (in the form s3:///) and ARN of the target you'd like the data to be dropped in, as well as the Access Key and Secret Key.
  5. Once that's done, we'll send a test file to ensure the connection worked.

Data Available via S3

Regal makes the following data available via S3:

Daily created tasksA record for every task created in the last 24 hours
Daily completed tasksA record for every task dispositioned by an agent in the last 24 hours
Daily created messagesA record for every message sent in the last 24 hours, including customer messages received, agent messages sent and automated messages sent


Custom Request

If Regal does yet support a data destination or set of events you need, you can email [email protected] to request additional data be sent to S3.